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Sedona…Became a City in 1988

History:  Sedona was an unincorporated town in 1902 and incorporated as a city in 1988.  The City of Sedona is part of two different Arizona counties, Yavapai and Coconino. 

According to Wikipedia:  “At the 2000 census there were 7,229 people living in the Yavapai County (western) portion of the city (70.9% of its population) and 2,963 living in the Coconino County (eastern) portion (29.1%). By land area Yavapai had 66.2% of its area, versus 33.8% for Coconino.

It is necessary to note that the Village of Oak Creek is not a part of the City of Sedona, though many VOCA entities and residents use “Sedona” in their advertising.

For people moving to Arizona, understanding the taxing entities will be important.  Why?  Because Sedona does not have property taxes.   The taxing entities are the counties, not the City of Sedona.  Prior to purchasing property, you should check with the county about taxes, assessments, building information… then contact the City of Sedona for City ordinances.

More about Sedona, one of Arizona’s most beautiful cities, in later posts…

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