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December Holidays in Sedona…

I’m a “Friday’s Child” and Christmas Day is my birthday.

What will I do on my birthday?  Well, I set out to find out what Sedona and the Verde Valley might offer me during the rest of the year.  Absolutely fascinating all the choices:

Verde Canyon Train

The Verde Canyon Railroad came to mind.  I

Verde Canyon Train Depot

 have been wanting to do this for several years and, well, time goes by…  The Santa Express is available on 12/23…shall I go?  $49.95 for Seniors in coach… or is First Class the way to go at $79.95? 

I searched for some other offerings and found this wonderful site that covers a multitude of choices, even Poker and a Karaoke Nite! 

But, what special places and things can I do on or near my birthday…??!!

One of my personal loves about Sedona is the Sedona Chamber Music organization, so I went to their websiteI can actually attend a Christmas Eve celebration with Jazz as the music choice of the event!  (It’s on my calendar)

While “browsing” on Google, I found this website that gave many of the origins of Christmas throughout the world…great to get you into the mood!

Still searching for what to do Christmas Day!

Maybe a restaurant…  Elote!  I haven’t been but have heard nothing but rave reviews.  My personal favorite, Shugrues, is closed on Christmas Day, the only day of the year, so they can give their employees the day off.  Great employees who will give you the very best of service.  I’m going to miss my Ahi Tuna (you can only call it “Ahi” if it comes from Hawaiian waters).  Okay, next… A new favorite:  Ken’s Creekside.  Be still my heart!  They will be open!

"Itsy" - GEM car

Okay, reality is that while I have several invites to attend “family-friend” functions in Phoenix (2-2.5 hrs drive each way), my recent instances of I-17-closure-due-to-accidents has me choosing to stick around Sedona and drive “Itsy”, my GEM (electric) car to wherever.  Love my Phoenix friends and really want to have a time at the holidays with them, but, drive the 24th and/or the 25th?  I think not. 

Phone is ringing…

“…Okay, let’s do it!!”  I’m off to the movie “It’s Complicated!” opening Christmas Day at the Harkins 6-plex. 

So, Sedona is laid back.  A lot like me.

Have a very blessed and happy holiday. 



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