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Don’t Post Your Business Stuff on My Facebook Page…PLEASE!

How did something I enjoyed so much become a place that I no longer want to go?

Facebook is for my family and friends.  If I “connect” with you, I hope you will respect my page and only post to me things that are about you personally…maybe an occasional post about what you’ve been doing in business, or where you are going in business, BUT, please do not try to solicit me to buy your books, your training programs, or your children!

LinkedIn, I allow people to try to solicit me.  I figure it’s all about business.  But, not my Facebook page.

Today I “disconnected” someone I “connected” with recently.  His first post to me was an out and out solicitation.  Flush!

Using someone’s Facebook page to advertise your wares is like pinning a note on someone’s child and sending them home to Mom.  Mom does not like that.

We’re all looking for ways to “connect” and I am glad to “connect” with strangers as long as they don’t abuse their welcome.  My page has become so cluttered with videos that I will never watch, business news and comments from people I don’t know, and information I don’t need.  Can I be the only person who is getting p—-d off?

You may “tweet” me with business news, or post on my LinkedIn page, but PLEASE, discontinue posting to me on Facebook.  Give it to me on Twitter.  It goes away and does not go to everyone who views my page.  I’m about quality, not quantity.

It’s called Social Networking for a reason… Facebook is for my chosen friends or people I think I would like to have as friends.


Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

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Are Listservs a Thing of the Past?

This AM I received an email from a friend and associate who seemed annoyed with some recent postings on the listserv we both subscribe to. She posed thoughts about whether or not it was time to censor some posts or to put the listserv to pasture.

It brought to mind that over the years communication has evolved from grunts and shouts into “tweets”.  Reminds me of the cave man to what I look like at the computer:

From the cave to the computer

From the cave to the computer

We now have so many blogs that it has become a must for a website!  We listen in sound bytes…we tweet and text…we watch YouTube, trailers…  Do we think in paragraphs anymore?

Listservs have been used by companies and associations for the 20 most recent years as a way for employees and members to communicate with each other. Has the listserv as a static means of communication passed its prime?

Or not…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0512-BOsk

Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

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