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“Where Is America Moving?”

Every year Atlas Moving reports on America’s Moving Demographics.

Read the full article, through Agency Logic’s website.

Atlas Vans Migration

Arizona balanced.

People are really moving to Alaska?  And New Hampshire?  Congrats!  Brrrr!

Kathy Howe


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What a difference the other half of the world makes…

After flying Phoenix to Atlanta to Dubai, the lights appeared at the water’s edge and our landing commenced.  Disembarking into a new modern airport was not a surprise, but what was totally unexpected was to see such an open, easily navigated walkway to customs and eventually my taxi.  Bright, shiny, and truly clean.  Not a piece of paper, cigarette butt, trash… in sight.

Long trips don’t make for cheery dispositions, but when my taxi driver welcomed me to Dubai and very cheerfully answered questions about Dubai, where he was from, and the economy, I perked up.  At the hotel, I also found an exceptional attitude of hospitality from the reception desk.  My room at the Tamani Hotel at the Marina sported 4 baths, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and living and dining.  Best yet was the fact that room service was available!!

The District 6 ARELLO conference is another blog… for now I just want everyone to know how wonderful are the people of Dubai.  Yes their economy is down with many other countries, and yes, development projects have been stopped, but many continue.  The Palm is finished and as my first trip out of the hotel I chose to have lunch at the Atlantis hotel at the Palm.  A hotel that is truly magnificent, complete with a large round aquarium with some of the most beautiful, large and small, fish.  Security and customer service people everywhere.  Lunch by the pool.

Then there is the world’s only 7 star hotel:  The Burj Al Arab.  Cannot remember the last time I spent $150 for a glass of wine and a 3 course meal… it was all worth it. 

A tour of the city after the conference and dinner with Aussie, N. Caroliba, and texas friends made the trip very special. 

Reflections:  Dubai is truly the hub of North Africa.  It is the city you would build if money were no object.  It showcases the eastern culture and all of its charm and beauty.  Would I return?  In a heartbeat!

See the videos at:

Time to leave to catch a plane home.


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Dubai…a far cry from Sedona, AZ

Dubai.  United Arab Emerites.

Many places have intrigued me over the years, and Dubai is one of them; so, when an email came through inviting ARELLO members to attend the District 6 meeting in Dubai, I filled out the registration and tomorrow I leave for a week in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Real Estate regulators from all over the world will be attending and discussing licensing laws.  I represent Arizona’s Real Estate Advisory Board and the Arizona Department of Real Estate (at my own expense).  I’ll also be representing REEA, the national Real Estate Educators Association, in my capacity of President-Elect.

Look for pictures, videos, and information from around the world…

Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

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What Do Options and Mortgage Fraud Have in Common?

Maybe some time in the “Big House”, and a reduction in your 401K.

Brokers, do you hae a listing whereby you find out there’s someone who owns “an interest” in a property you have listed, but that person is not on title?  Ask your agents.  They don’t volunteer this willingly till the offer comes in and the Seller says, I’ll have to get with Joe, and let you know”.   You need to be involved here.

Brokers, find out if your buyer agents have an offer in on a Short Sale that has an Option-Holder (who is not on title).  Your agent may not understand what is going on.  You need to be involved here, too.

Is an Option illegal?  Not usually.

But, it is if the purpose of the Option is to circumvent state licensing laws or to defraud the lender from reaping the most possible from a Short Sale.

Question:  If a lender agrees to short a loan of $200,000 by writing off $50,000, and accepts the buyer-seller agreement, no problem.  What if the lender agrees to this agreement, only to find out that there was a simultaneous closing that was for $10,000 more than what the lender received?  Who pays the $10,000?

You and me.  Yes, the losses are what we the taxpayers shell out through the Feds to make up all the bank losses.  If there were only a $40,000, instead of a $50,000 write off, we would not have to shore up the banks any where near as much as we will if the short sales continue to have so many hands in the pot.

Would the RTC hae done a better job of clearing the market of toxic assets?

Real story:  one of my agents and I were doing an Open House at one of our listings.  Sheepishly my agent told me that the property was scheduled for a Trustee Sale.  Note:  In AZ we use Trust Deeds and a non-judicial foreclosure period of 90 days from filing of the papers to the Trust Sale.  Agent unsure of date.  So, will the Seller agree to go through the process of filling out and submitting to the bank, short sale papers, ask I?  I couldn’t get a straight answer and had to get out my pliers.

“Why hasn’t the Seller spoken with the lender and asked for a packet if she’s without a job and cannot afford to pay the loan on this 2nd home?”

“A what?”

“The Seller did what?”  Gave 1% interest in the house to a man she hardly knew to do property management?  Unlicensed?

Yes, the story goes down hill from here.  My agent then continued to tell me that that same “property manager” was going to remove the cabinets the following week.

Some of you don’t know me… but by now can guess…

I said, “you call the Seller and tell her that if one cabinet is removed from this property I will make it my life focus to make certain that the person removing the cabinets spend time behind bars!”  I should have been more inclusive.  The next week the cabinets were there but the light fixtures, appliances, etc. were gone.

That agent is no longer with me.

People, that is mortgage fraud!!!

Watch this video:

Dick Fryer is a member of the Floride Real Estate Commission and he believes, as do I, that real estate professionals are eventually going to find themselves in a world of hurt just by turning a blind eye to the hanky-pank that’s taking place.  By the way, the term “wholesaler” is a synonym for “dealer”.

Here’s what the AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard just filed:

Brokers, ask your license law officials about these issues, call your attorney and discuss transactions like this with him/her, and for heaven’s sake, get involved with your agent’s short sale and Rent-to-Own transactions.  Look at me, sounding like the lady in the drug ads telling parents to get involved.

Must get back to writing the AZ CE course…  look for a post about the “Shrink-Wrap House”… more on short sales, AZ’s amendment to the anti-deficiency judgment statute, and bankruptcies.



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Don’t Post Your Business Stuff on My Facebook Page…PLEASE!

How did something I enjoyed so much become a place that I no longer want to go?

Facebook is for my family and friends.  If I “connect” with you, I hope you will respect my page and only post to me things that are about you personally…maybe an occasional post about what you’ve been doing in business, or where you are going in business, BUT, please do not try to solicit me to buy your books, your training programs, or your children!

LinkedIn, I allow people to try to solicit me.  I figure it’s all about business.  But, not my Facebook page.

Today I “disconnected” someone I “connected” with recently.  His first post to me was an out and out solicitation.  Flush!

Using someone’s Facebook page to advertise your wares is like pinning a note on someone’s child and sending them home to Mom.  Mom does not like that.

We’re all looking for ways to “connect” and I am glad to “connect” with strangers as long as they don’t abuse their welcome.  My page has become so cluttered with videos that I will never watch, business news and comments from people I don’t know, and information I don’t need.  Can I be the only person who is getting p—-d off?

You may “tweet” me with business news, or post on my LinkedIn page, but PLEASE, discontinue posting to me on Facebook.  Give it to me on Twitter.  It goes away and does not go to everyone who views my page.  I’m about quality, not quantity.

It’s called Social Networking for a reason… Facebook is for my chosen friends or people I think I would like to have as friends.


Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

Tweet your news to me at:



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Is What You Want It To Be?

Did you realize that you cannot put an address in the Search box on the splash page of and get to that listing directly?

Do you know that you have to scroll down quite a way to find out who has the property listed?  And then you only get a name and phone number unless the broker has paid to “enhance” the listing with a web address, etc.

Does the consumer realize that there are “rules” at that don’t allow REALTORS to identify the broker who has the listing?  We get fined for violations if there is anything that identifies the listing agent in a photo or even the remarks.

Do you know that if I want to direct you to my website as the listing agent, I have to pay to “enhance” the website?

It may be the broker’s listing, but is designed to hand off consumer leads to the person who spends the most money on “enhancing” or advertising with

Those of us who truly believe in the consumer being a real estate educated person believe that the more the consumer knows about the property, the more the consumer understands about the property, the offer, and the transaction.  Yet, we direct the consumer away from the listing agent (unless the agent “pays” to get the consumer to the agent).

Anyone else have a problem with as it exists today?


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Are You a Real Estate Professional?

Do you consider yourself a real estate professional?

First, maybe we should define “professional” as one who engages in a profession, which can be defined as:  “…a vocation or occupation requiring advanced education and training, and involving intellectual skills, as medicine, law, theology, engineering, teaching, etc…”   Actually the number 1 definition is from the 13th century:  “…the act of taking vows of a religious community.”

That was a revolation!

Are you that committed to the profession of real estate?

This AM I had the opportunity to read Stefan Swanepoel’s “The Wise REALTOR.“.

Thinking back to why I joined the ranks in 1986…actually I was waiting till I could start graduate school in the fall.  What happened next was that I fell in love with being a real estate professional and didn’t make it to grad school.  How about you?

It’s about the good times and the bad times.  It’s about the people.  It’s about being their family REALTOR.  It always has been…

Great read, Stefan.

Kathy Howe

PS.  Maybe that’s how I’ve gotten through 3 downturns.

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