Kathy Howe, Sedona, AZ

Kathy Howe lives and writes in Sedona, AZ.  She is the owner/designated broker for how2arizona real estate, owner/administrator/educator – how2educate LLC, and owner of how2realty referrals LLC.  She serves on the AZ Real Estate Advisory Board, as vice Chair, serves as President-Elect of the Real Estate Education Association, participates on the Education Issues Monitoring committee of ARELLO, and serves other organizations. 

Kathy’s has a great respect for the planet and while she has Goldie, her 2007 Nissan Xterra for the long haul, she can be spotted around Sedona in “Itsy”, her Crysler GEM car.  She recently sent to the museum her 18 yr. old hot water heater and installed  a Rinnai hot-water-on-demand system.  Living in a passive solar home with 5 rescue cats, Kathy can be found hiking, gardening, writing and enjoying life in Sedona.

"Itsy" - Crysler GEM

"Itsy" - Crysler GEM


2 responses to “Kathy Howe, Sedona, AZ

  1. Hello, Kathy. My name is Wayne Thomas and I live in Tampa, FL. My wife and I visit Sedona every few years and this time we are coming with friends the first weekend in February. I read with some concern about the DOT’s planned closing of 89A on snow days because we plan to stay at the Junipine Resort on 89A north of town. The story in the paper says that one of the DOT’s gates is at the Manresa Retreat, which I presume is the south gate, but have not been able to find on a map. Can you tell me how far up 89A that is? Is it before or after Junipine? Thanks for your help.

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