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Spring in Sedona…

2 weeks ago we had snow on the ground.

Today, the plum trees are blooming in pink!  Pear trees in white!

Daffodils trumpet in yellow.  Iris blossom in rich purple.  Tulips in orange.

Geraniums in red, pink, salmon.

The beauty of Sedona!

Enjoy the beauty of our spring…

SedonaKathy aka Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe


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Now, Let’s Play Nice in the Sandbox…

Elections are over and spring is arriving… be still my heart.

When I returned to Arizona from Hawaii and chose Sedona to be my last move, I remembered all the joy that Sedona had given me over the years.  The joy is still there, but Sedona is different.  Good or bad?

Small towns have an incredible ability to disagree in public, even to the point of calling each other names, out-right lying, threatening each other, boycotting (and gathering people to join them) over differences of opinions, and worse yet, forgetting why we live here.  It’s all about “me” for many people, as well as:  “I’ll show them”.

If that’s what floats your boat, do it!

But, I prefer to believe that Sedona is great because of those who came before us.  They are not the enemy.  They are the ones who gave us the character, the beauty (yes, beauty of spirit), and the joy of Sedona.

Pud Culquitt.  She has given Sedona a sense of itself over the years.  She reminds us that we must have our best manners on display when we welcome those many visitors who come to Sedona each and every year.  Over the years she has reminded the City of Sedona staff just how important they are and much they are a part of the process.  She cares about all of us.  She’ll continue to care for all of us long after she leaves office in May.

Nancy Scagnelli.  Perhaps one of the most caring and daring  individuals on the City of Sedona Council.  She has learned to go into a council meeting with an open mind, to listen, to ask questions, and sometimes to change her vote.  Nancy has shown the ability to vote for all of Sedona, not just a particular portion of the community.  Nancy will continue to be there when we need her.  She understands that businesses make the economy work…they also keep us from having property taxes.

Dan Surber.  While not as articulate as many of the Sedona Councilors, Dan has a heart of  a lion.  He has always thought out the issues and chosen his vote as it works for both the business community and the environment.  His wife, Bobbie, has her LEED certification and they also belong to the Dark Sky International Association.  Dan is a strong believer in building a community that is sensitive to the environment and throughout their many years in Sedona, the Surbers have been a component of Sedona’s foundation.  The Surbers represent Sedona’s history:  they raised their family in Sedona and now they are reframing themselves to meet the new, environmental needs of the community.

Jerry Frey.  He is certainly opinionated and he can be volatile; but, the man has been a part of the building of Sedona’s past and it would be far less the community it is today without him.  We will miss his passion and his desire to protect Sedona and its wonderful old ways of life.  Jerry will always be there for Sedona.

Where do we go from here?

Newbies want to lead Sedona into the future.  Do they have the answers?  We’ll have to see…

But, let’s remember to be civil to each other.

Everything we learned, we learned in kindergarten

…or should have.

We need to rethink “how to play nice in the sandbox”.

SedonaKathy aka Kathy Howe

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