Sedonans Still Rattled Over KSB Statements About SR89A Lights

Small towns are wonderful places to live!

Having lived in Phoenix and Flagstaff (second home) from 1973 to 1995, the nuances of small towns have always intrigued me.

Yes, I lived in Phoenix when then Mayor Driggs (who had higher political aspirations) put the building of the additional freeways (Black Canyon = I17 was the ONLY freeway at the time) to a vote of the citizens and it went down in flames.  Mayor Driggs never went another step in politics and the Phoenix area freeway system languished for almost 10 years.  Today, the Phoenix freeway system is a model for other cities.

Why did the Phoenicians NOT want freeways?  When I arrived at my bridge game that fateful day, I apologized for being late as the lines to vote were so much longer that I thought they would be, one of my friends asked, “Well, you voted against the freeways, didn’t you?”.  Stunned, I said I voted for them.  Three women looked at me in complete disbelief and one said, “Freeways bring people!!!”  I retorted, “No.  The people are here.  We need to move them around.”  And we dealt the cards.

I watched the East side of Flagstaff languish in its development when the City of Flagstaff and Charlie Keating got into disagreements about how to develop an area.  Now I watch Sedonans being given false statistics and overstated information about issues by those who would keep Sedona from making good planning decisions.

Can any rural community build a fence around itself and continue to exist?  Especially one who relies only on tourism as a tax base?  No.

Change is inevitable.  Good change takes planning.

There is a new website to watch:  SedonaFacts.  Their mission is to give factual information to the residents of Sedona.  To dispel the rumors that incite people who normally are clear thinkers and good, supportive citizens of Sedona.

SedonaFacts looks into the statement by Keep Sedona Beautiful’s recent newsletter stating that “70%” of Sedona residents are against the lighting of SR89A.  At a recent KSB meeting, Steve DeVol was asked by a KSB member where the “70%” fact came from…?  The reply was that it was reported in Sedona Red Rock News as a “survey”.  Another member asked “how many people…” and the conversation ended.  SedonaFacts has asked Sedona Red Rock News for the facts.

Wish Phoenix would have had some entity like SedonaFacts to dispel rumors back then…

Have a wonderful Sedona day!!





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3 responses to “Sedonans Still Rattled Over KSB Statements About SR89A Lights

  1. Steve DeVol

    You have got your facts crossed. Keep Sedona Beautiful is opposed to continuous roadway lighting on sr 89a, it always has been opposed, and it will continue to be opposed, and it will continue to support the majority of Sedonans who oppose continuous road lighting on sr 89a.

    • Mr. DeVol, you have stated in a newsletter and at a meeting that “70%” of Sedonans are against the lights. Many Sedonans, and I understand some of your KSB membership, want to know where you got those figures. Where did you get your 70% figure? How many people were surveyed? What was the question? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, facts should be verifiable.

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