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SR89A = Closure During Snows Not Acceptable to Sedonans

Many Sedonans live and work in Flagstaff…let alone those of us who use Flagstaff as our business, health, and shopping city.

Arizona Department of Transportation

Arizona Department of Transportation

When ADOT announced that they would close SR89A, Oak Creek Canyon, during snow days in order to meet the budget cuts required by all Arizona State agencies, the citizens of Sedona cried “No, please, No!”.

From the Red Rock News comes this story about how Sedonans are working with ADOT.

Sedonans are caring people and people who come to the aid of the Community.  Hats off to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce for entering into the solution arena to help ALL of Sedona. 

SedonaKathy aka Kathy Howe


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Thanksgiving…a Year Long Event

Yesterday I received an email from a real estate licensee who I met when I first moved to Sedona and opened my real estate school, how2educate LLC.  We’ve seldom seen each other since then, but have kept touch by email over the years.

What was so special about her email?  She included me in “the 12 most influential women in her life”.

Kathy Howe

Gladys, “thanks” for “giving” me a special feeling of humility and the realization that it’s what we do over the years that makes Thanksgiving such a special day.

To each of you who have left a part of you with me, you have made me a better person.  Each of you have helped me grow.  To each of you, I give thanks.

We are blessed by those special people in our lives. 

 It’s not just about food.

Kathy Howe aka SedonaKathy


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Sedona’s 89A Lights: FACTS, Not Fiction

Sedona is in the throes of swatting flies…woops…maybe it should be called, “swatting fiction”.  But, it really is like swatting flies mid-summer in Kansas City, MO.  The bug-zapper sounds like a pinball machine!

Returning from San Diego and catching up on email is one thing (I got my Google Wave invitation!!), but reading many news articles takes time.   Mr. Larson’s Editorial in the Red Rock News trying to bring an ounce of common sense and logic to the fiction that surrounds the ADOT/89A Lights brouhaha was a welcome read. 

You can read the full article here.                         

What makes people listen to a neighbor or fellow-member of an organization rather than listening to people who know the information? Why not search out the facts or at least check them out with experts?  And if people check out the facts with experts, why do they still call the facts, “lies”?  Are we so set in our thoughts and views of the world that there is no room for facts?  Could it all be about our personal opinions?  Could it be that we aren’t interested in facts, but, rather getting our way?

Many of you know that I have a real estate continuing education school in Sedona, how2educate LLC.  Rumors are something we discuss in the classroom.  Mostly we discuss how destructive rumors are because they change facts.  We infuse our own twist with information we have received.  We then pass it on.  The next person passes on “the” information from us, colored with our perception, and of course, have to add a little of their own color.  So on and so on… 

It has become such a pastime in Sedona to bash the 89A/ADOT lights that some of us have resorted to putting our fingers in our ears, closing our eyes, and saying, “lalalalalalalala…”

Mr. Larson brings us back to reality:  the lighting of 89A in West Sedona is about public safety, brought on by car/pedestrian deaths. 

Let’s all chill.  Can we ask questions and make a reasonable attempt to listen to the answers that are given by the experts?…instead of trying to be one?

Thank you, Mr. Larson, for your attempt to put things into perspective.

Kathy Howe

KH side 8-1-08 small

Kathy Howe

PS.  If you haven’t given your opinion to ADOT, please take the time to answer the interactive survey form and fax it to 602.386.9645 before November 25, 2009

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