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Sedona and the Street Lighting of SR89A

Recently the Sedona City Council was presented with designs for the lights that will be installed along SR89A in West Sedona.  There is a meeting tonight (10-28-09) at 5:30 tonight.  You can access the ADOT information at:

The lighting of SR89 is a result of accidents which have occurred over the years. 

Having said that, there is a group of “concerned citizens” who believe that there is no need to light up a commercial area because they say that most accidents happened during the day.  They also site that Sedona needs to be “dark sky”.  These same citizens have posted articles and petitions stating they represent the majority of the citizens of Sedona.

I want to see the lighting of SR89A for the safety of everyone who drives that stretch of state road. 

The lights will be compliant with lights used by other dark sky cities – notable Flagstaff (the first dark sky city).  Years ago I lived in Waikoloa Village on the Big Island, beneath Mauna Kea’s telescopes, and lived with the same kind of lights that the City of Sedona will get along the SR89A corridor. 

The lighting of SR89A will make Sedona a safer city now and for generations to come.

Hope I see some of you tonight at the meeting to select the design of lights that will be installed.

Kathy Howe


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SEDONA…the beauty of fall

As I flew across 1/2 the world returning from Dubai, my thoughts were all about fall in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.  Mystic.

Fall in Oak Creek Canyon 2007

Fall in Oak Creek Canyon 2007

Hawaii was beautiful but its lack of seasons was the reason for my return to Arizona early in 2006.  My return was cemented in 2005 when I flew to AZ, and drove to Sedona in October.  A trip up the canyon to Flagstaff and Hart’s Prairie filled me with such a whole feeling that I returned to the Sedona hotel, looked at several neighborhoods, visited one listing, and wrote an offer while having breakfast at El Portal the next AM.  The offer was ultimately accepted and my return to the the land of enchantment became history.

Take a peek at why I returned.  My SedonaKathy website is full of pictures of Westfork along the Oak Creek Canyon in the fall.  Yes, those are the colors of fall.  And the beginning of fall throughout Sedona – ours runs through November.

Next, plan a trip to my enchanted homeland.  You won’t regret it.  Beauty will surround you.

Kathy Howe

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What a difference the other half of the world makes…

After flying Phoenix to Atlanta to Dubai, the lights appeared at the water’s edge and our landing commenced.  Disembarking into a new modern airport was not a surprise, but what was totally unexpected was to see such an open, easily navigated walkway to customs and eventually my taxi.  Bright, shiny, and truly clean.  Not a piece of paper, cigarette butt, trash… in sight.

Long trips don’t make for cheery dispositions, but when my taxi driver welcomed me to Dubai and very cheerfully answered questions about Dubai, where he was from, and the economy, I perked up.  At the hotel, I also found an exceptional attitude of hospitality from the reception desk.  My room at the Tamani Hotel at the Marina sported 4 baths, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, and living and dining.  Best yet was the fact that room service was available!!

The District 6 ARELLO conference is another blog… for now I just want everyone to know how wonderful are the people of Dubai.  Yes their economy is down with many other countries, and yes, development projects have been stopped, but many continue.  The Palm is finished and as my first trip out of the hotel I chose to have lunch at the Atlantis hotel at the Palm.  A hotel that is truly magnificent, complete with a large round aquarium with some of the most beautiful, large and small, fish.  Security and customer service people everywhere.  Lunch by the pool.

Then there is the world’s only 7 star hotel:  The Burj Al Arab.  Cannot remember the last time I spent $150 for a glass of wine and a 3 course meal… it was all worth it. 

A tour of the city after the conference and dinner with Aussie, N. Caroliba, and texas friends made the trip very special. 

Reflections:  Dubai is truly the hub of North Africa.  It is the city you would build if money were no object.  It showcases the eastern culture and all of its charm and beauty.  Would I return?  In a heartbeat!

See the videos at:

Time to leave to catch a plane home.


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