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Dubai…a far cry from Sedona, AZ

Dubai.  United Arab Emerites.

Many places have intrigued me over the years, and Dubai is one of them; so, when an email came through inviting ARELLO members to attend the District 6 meeting in Dubai, I filled out the registration and tomorrow I leave for a week in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Real Estate regulators from all over the world will be attending and discussing licensing laws.  I represent Arizona’s Real Estate Advisory Board and the Arizona Department of Real Estate (at my own expense).  I’ll also be representing REEA, the national Real Estate Educators Association, in my capacity of President-Elect.

Look for pictures, videos, and information from around the world…

Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe


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My Friend and Tax Man, Marc Sterling…

There are people who make a difference in Sedona and then there are others.  We Sedonans are lucky to have Marc living in our community and bringing his sense of “pitching-in” to us when we need help.

Marc Sterling is an educator, a concerned citizen, and a wonderful person who leads by doing.

His most recent endeavor has left many of us wondering just how he will help us next.  Can he top this one?!

Sedona recently had rains that flooded the area via overflowing washes (we need a “real” storm drainage system).  Marc and a fellow Sedonan from Sedona Red Rock High School organized these young people to help with clean-up within the flooded Sedona community.  Education is not just about reading books, but by putting skills to the test.  Learning to be a good citizen can only be taught by following a genuine leader.

Enjoy reading about the project (Marc is the middle person in background in the white shirt with the big round blue logo):

Kudos, Marc…from all of us.

Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

Kathy Howe

PS.  Yes, Marc also served a partial term as a Sedona City Councilperson.

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Bambi in my yard!

Sedona is a nature lover’s dream… so long as your plants are inside the fence.

Bambi, Bucky, and the siblings, cousins, distant cousins, and other related antlered denizens love the end of summer.

They return to Sedona and our Sedona neighborhoods knowing that the delicacies of fall include mums, dogwood leaves, and an assortment of other yummies.  During the long hot summer I put out the squeezings/pulp from my Jack LaLane juicer for them.  Gotta keep the deer healthy.  They need their fruit!  Sometimes they get spinach and carrots.  Not interested in red peppers (must give them gas).

It would appear that I should not be shocked that my trip to Home Depot in Flagstaff complete with the purchase of 6 1gallon mums (fully blossomed) would end up as a meal for my little/big four legged friends.  Hoof prints up the hill from the driveway disclosed the culprits!  And thank you, Mother Nature, for giving us rain so that the ground was especially wet…making it very easy to get a grip!

Ok Bambi, Bucky, and your buds:  Let’s negotiate.  I keep your dish full at the other side of the house and you leave the mums alone.  Okay?

Kathy Howe

Next time I’ll consult my deer-resistant plant list before planting anything outside the fence.


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