Is What You Want It To Be?

Did you realize that you cannot put an address in the Search box on the splash page of and get to that listing directly?

Do you know that you have to scroll down quite a way to find out who has the property listed?  And then you only get a name and phone number unless the broker has paid to “enhance” the listing with a web address, etc.

Does the consumer realize that there are “rules” at that don’t allow REALTORS to identify the broker who has the listing?  We get fined for violations if there is anything that identifies the listing agent in a photo or even the remarks.

Do you know that if I want to direct you to my website as the listing agent, I have to pay to “enhance” the website?

It may be the broker’s listing, but is designed to hand off consumer leads to the person who spends the most money on “enhancing” or advertising with

Those of us who truly believe in the consumer being a real estate educated person believe that the more the consumer knows about the property, the more the consumer understands about the property, the offer, and the transaction.  Yet, we direct the consumer away from the listing agent (unless the agent “pays” to get the consumer to the agent).

Anyone else have a problem with as it exists today?



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2 responses to “Is What You Want It To Be?

  1. There is a new data base coming in the fall of this year from NAR. Members will be able to get information for any address in he country. This will increase the usefulness of Realtors.

    You may also enjoy this funny real estate video about finding real estate in the US –

    Best wishes,
    Heath Coker
    @CapeGroup @RealEstateIndex

    • Heath, I loved your video!! It completely brings to light the misdirection to listing information that many REALTORS feel at And I love your site. I’ll be posting later today. Yes, I had heard there would be some new features in the back room for REALTOR members. While that’s nice, I do wish would make the site look less like a carnival and more professional.


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