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Cats with Hyperthyroidism

Help!!!  My 14 year old cat was recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.  She had a T-score of 14 (not great) and is on her first 2 weeks of medication before another round of blood and urine tests.  I understand she could be a candidate for a radio-iodine treatment (the thyroid is radiated), and many cats are just fine after that. 

Anyone who has gone through this…please give me your experience.  I do also understand that the hyperthyroidism could be masking renal problems.

What to do?…



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Video Camcorders – You Gotta Love the Flip

Until I got my Flip Camcorder, I was completely behind the curve on video clips on my websites…mainly I see so many very bad YouTube contributions that I have avoided the medium.  But, with the Flip and its self-contained software, the USB attachment, and the ability to edit, pull stills out of the video, I have found myself taking the Camcorder everywhere.  For good stills I continue to use my Sony, but for convenience, the Flip is my choice.

Your thoughts?

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